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What is Puerarian? What are its main ingredients?
Puerarian is an all-natural plant based breast enhancement product. Its main ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica is rich in natural plant nutrients and estrogen.
Is it safe to use Puerarian breast enhancement product?
Our product is 100% natural and safe.

There are no injections, no pumps and no breast massaging devices. With Puerarian breast product, you only need to apply the product onto your breast and gently massage, in order to achieve a fuller breast. Along with oral intake of Puerarian breast supplement, the results will even be better.

There is absolutely no surgery involved, so there is neither pain nor scar marks to bear.

Puerarian products are scientifically proven to be effective. And since Puerarian is herbaceous, it does not require approval from FDA or health board of several countries. Puerarian was sold to customers from America, Europe, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Puerarian is clinically tested in several laboratories worldwide to be safe for use.

You can be ensured of product quality and standard because our pueraria mirifica is self-farmed and GMP manufactured.

How long does it take for me to see the effect?
Measure yourself before using Puerarian and do that again in a few weeks time. Most women feel the gradual change in the firmness of the breast in around 2 weeks.

If used daily with gentle massages, you can feel the bounce (grope breasts) and fullness coming around the 3rd week. Our tailored packages for different enhancements will assist you to maximize size gain in breast successfully.

Some women can achieve enlarged breast in a shorter period of time (effect vary from person to person; age, health, lifestyle habits, metabolism and absorption), while ‘slow bloomers’ may take a little longer. Breast exercise and proper diet will help in development of your breast.

As you know Puerarian breast product is plant based, therefore we do not deliver results like fairy godmother. It takes time for your body to accept and respond.

Is it suitable for all women?
Puerarian works perfectly for women above 18 or has completed her puberty growth, but has small and underdeveloped breasts. It also increases estrogen level and vaginal secretion, improve breast firmness and regain skin luster for menopause women.
Is Puerarian not suitable for anyone?
Women taking birth control pills, who are pregnant or planning for babies should avoid using Puerarian. If currently breastfeeding or diagnosed with medical conditions of the breast or link to the breast are NOT recommended to use.

Menopausal women taking HRT may use this herbal supplement as an alternative or replacement remedy to the prescribed medication.

Will my results remain permanent?
Our products are formulated to help and achieve lasting breast enhancement results. Once you have achieved your desired results, you may want to take a break. Your result will remain. Thereafter you just need to do some maintenance (use once or twice weekly), but if you stop completely, the nourishment in the breast and body will eventually dissolve and erode away. Hence, you may have to restart the whole enhancement process again. It is advisable to frequently maintain the breasts in good condition (you may use the product once or a few time in a week instead of daily).
Can you tell me why Puerarian, herbal breast enhancer, is effective?
Our massive and continuous research on pueraria mirifica, found to have high nutritional contents (isoflavone and phytoestrogen), is beneficial to the female body, breast and its growth.

We use extract from matured cultivars in our breast product development and with our R&D commitment, we put together a successful breast enhancement.

Here, you can find our wide range of breast enhancing product, namely; breast serum, breast spray, breast cream, breast mask and breast supplement.

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One of the many feedbacks from satisfied customers:
“I am really grateful to you, and I would like to recommend these products to the skeptics out there. (I must confess I have doubts in the past. I deliberately bought it at first to prove the product ineffective. But I was wrong! It works!)

“I am so pleased with the product, I hope your store will always be around. All in all, your herbal breast enhancer brings me joy, and the best part is, there are no side effects! And it made me a more optimistic and enthusiastic person now.”

[Muriel, Portugal]
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