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Compiled statistics on the average, young girl's reaction to the first menstrual period that 25 per cent of all young girls knew nothing of the causes of the sudden hemorrhage, and that furthermore 13 per cent of those 25 per cent were so terrified as to suffer nervous shock. Six per cent thought they must have been wounded and consequently took some cold baths which caused all of them more or less serious chronic complaints.

Menstruation is the definite sign of puberty in women, and is evidence of physical and psychological female development. The menstruation may occur as young as nine years old and it is also nature's warning to sexual ignorance. It is a natural sign to the body that it is prepared for physical changes and child birth to take place.

The physical changes is characterized by intensified activity of the genital glands, development of the breasts and pelvis, growth of hair in the underarms and external genital, change of voice, and sometimes even an alteration in the colour of the hair, etc. All finally develops into the harmony of the adult female figure.

The first appearance of periods and even before, the normal girl begins to take an interest in everything concerning love. The normal girl falls in love at this time with anyone and everyone, and makes frequent changes in the object of her affection; now it is the teacher, man or woman, now the young or middle-aged man next door. Love letters are exchanged and they arrange their first meeting.

In the boy, the desire for independence is manifested by a rebellious attitude towards paternal authority. Whereas in the girl, this revolt may find expression in jealousy of her female family members. The growing girl is conscious of her sexual personality and begins to see rivals in her mother and older sisters. She wants to be considered a woman and no longer a child.

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