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Breast Care
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How you care for your breast will tell how they looked? Spend a minute and looked at yourself in the mirror everyday. How do the breast appear to you is what your friends will see.

Correct your posture

If by chance you faced a mirror or window display while walking, check yourself sideways from the reflections. Are you walking with your back straight, shoulders open apart? Or you see yourself hunching with dropping shoulders? If you are slouching your way, perhaps it's time you correct it. Good posture helps to lift up the breast, giving it the right support. A good poster can also make the breasts look bigger and larger.

Weight control

Weight fluctuations affect the breasts probably more than anything else. Avoid miracle slimming diets. Instead be 'slim-smart' and eat a sensible diet and exercise regime helps.

Exercise with right bra

It is important to wear a bra that fits you and gives adequate support for the breast when exercises are being performed. Bra manufacturer did researches on sports women. The bras that they wear have to allow maximum stretching, comfort and yet gave the wearer a very good frontal support. By wearing a good sports bra, it minimizes breast movement, the breast is held in place and is less bouncy. Constant breast movement without a bra can result in permanent droopy breasts.

Breast and Bath

Shower the breast with warm or lukewarm water. Use circular and upward motions when bathing the breasts. If you shower with hot water, remember to give a run with cold water. This is to avoid rashes or acne outbreak at breast and chest area (open pores at breast area are exposed to dirt settled after bath). Hot bath also dehydrate our skin easily.

Moisturize Your Breasts

The breast area is often more delicate then our facial skin. During hot season, it is the best time to head down to the beach and get a good tan. We put on layers of suntan lotions and thereafter we apply body lotions. And in harsh winter, our skin dehydrates even faster! The breast skin, exposed to different season, gets dried, wrinkled and sometimes freckled. In order to keep breast skin taut, smooth and glowing pink, moisturize with breast care product to preserve the breasts looking youthful and perky.

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