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Breast Exercise
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After applying Puerarian, we recommend user to do some simple breast exercise. So that maximum enhancement results can be achieve. It is simple and takes only 5 minutes.

Breast exercises anytime,anywhere.

  1. Wall Push up
    Stand and straighten hands at shoulder level, place both of palms on a flat wall. Maintain your waist and legs straight and start pushing against the wall as if doing push-up. Do 30 times per set & rest for 30 seconds. Perform 3 sets per day.

  2. Stretching
    Place both hands behind head and interlock fingers (OCCIPITAL AREA). Stretch both hands as much as possible upwards and backwards. Breathe in and out deeply while stretching.

  3. Open & close
    Band arms at the shoulder and ear level, forming L-shape. Maintain an upright waist position (if in sitting position) while keeping arms at 90 degree. In this position, close both arms so that the elbows touch each other. Exhale while closing and inhale while extending outwards. Repeat 30 times for each set. Perform 3 sets per day.

  4. Clutching
    Interlock fingers and lift arms horizontally at shoulder level. Start pressing palms together tightly for 10 seconds. Do 10 times and rest. Continue do 2 set.

The above 2, 3 and 4 can be practice in sitting or standing position. Remember to keep your posture straight.

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