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Physical Influence
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Breast are "turn on" when come to romance, intimacy and sexual relationships. It is a sensitive issue for most women. Worried about how their breast appear will affect their sexual relationship with a man. These women, no matter how close to their husbands or boyfriends, express fears of rejection.

Most of the women surveyed desired a pair of voluptuous and bouncy breast to enhance or secure their sexual relationship. The dating scene today is somewhat difficult without adding breast into the equation. There was a young girl confessed "The first time we made love I didn't want to expose my breast, and I was terribly self-conscious. Though he said 'it doesn't matter to me,' but I said, 'It does to me.' I make love with a nightgown on me. I just couldn't do it without it."

Breast women fear

For the single woman involved in dating, her breast represents a daunting obstacle to a relationship if her breasts are not big enough. One woman poignantly summarized her worries about small breast cannot satisfy her sex partner and how to face her male friend, and fear of rejection was cited. And she's afraid of him to touch her breasts.

Big breast women often too dislike their breast. They have to bear eyes ogling, being laughed and teased at, heavy front that leads to backache and even headache!

Breast impact
(the mind and body; how it can improve your life)

Many single and divorced women we asked were frankly perplexed and somewhat distressed over their breast appearance, especially to the other sex. This confession reigned regardless of the type of breast size and shape that a woman had. As you have seen above, not all women rejoice over big breast (particularly in how to impress a suitor when a more intimate relationship was desired).

These women said that they were very self-conscious and worry about having a man see them totally undressed. The feelings of embarrassment, self conscious were self-inflicted. This is very disturbing for a woman, and in many ways she feels that her femininity and her self-esteem are on the line. As one woman candidly said to us "Even though I have a sizable breast but they're there hanging helplessly and imp. I wanted my breasts to be sexy and romantic once more. I wanted my husband to flirt with my breast again.Ħħ

Men are naturally attracted a woman's breast. Although most women felt that verbal communication should always precede any physical attraction but most times it did not happen this way. It is also natural for men to be attracted to a bigger woman. Ultimately, much depended on the women's effort, their men's support and their desire to have this relationship grow into something more meaningful.

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