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A woman who has a pair of full and bouncy breasts not only contribute to her sex appeal and breast feeding, it reflect her confidence, image and feminine character. Women who enjoy wearing clothes hint with a little sexual reveal like cleavages and tight tees, apart from satisfying men's visual, she is confident of her body and she wants to make her image impression lasts (you see her once and you will remember how she looked). The protrude contours of her curvy breast outline the female characteristics of a women.

Regardless if the breast is big or small, sag and shrunk, it can enhance to make them look Better. How you carry your breast, is how you present yourself in front of others.

By nature, men have special attachment to a woman's breast. "To love is to find pleasure in seeing, touching and smelling, with all the senses and as closely as possible, a lovable and loving objects."

Since man is a visual animal, it is natural that his sexual orientation and love selection are also determined mainly by sight. Then, as he nears the object of his desire, sight becomes less important than touch and smell.

What are the elements of sex-appeal in women magazine, fashion and most favourable to creating erotic impressions? It is note worthy that nowadays indirect objects are often found more exciting erotically than immediate ones. Thus, men are more interested in looking at a woman's breast than at her genital organs. A lightly veiled feminine body is considered more exciting sexually than stark nakedness. A body is always more exciting in motion than at rest, just like the dancer's exposed body is no more stimulating.

The importance of clothing besides covering the body is also to emphasize female sexual characters and alternately to reveal and hide parts of the female body by various combinations of dress. The constant although changing aim of fashion, its cut (low neckline, V-cut, bride's gown) can create, through an association of ideas, sexual excitation.

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