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Medical Term Dictionary - N
medical terms

Necrosis - Death of a tissue.

Needle aspiration - Diagnostic method of removing fluid or tissue from a breast tumour or cyst with a fine needle for microscopic examination.

Needle biopsy - Removal of a small sample of tissue with a wide-bore needle and suction.

Needle localization - Procedure to pinpoint a lump before biopsy.

Negative nodes - Lymph nodes that are free of cancer cells.

Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy - The use of chemotherapy prior to curative resection of malignancy.

Neonatal - A term meaning 'relating to the first 28 days of life'.

Neoplasm - Any abnormal growth. Neoplasms may be benign or malignant, but the term is usually used to describe a cancer.

Neo-vascularization - The ability of a cancer to form new blood vessels.

Neuropathy - Disease or damage of the nerves, causing lack of sensitivity or numbness.

Neurotransmitters - Chemicals in the brain that relay messages from one neuron to another.

Nipple - The pigmented, central projection on the breast containing the outer openings of the breast ducts.

Nito-urinary medicine - The subdiscipline concerned with all aspects of sexually transmitted diseases.

Nodularity - Increased density of breast tissue, most often due to hormonal changes in the breast, which cause the breast to feel lumpy. This finding is called normal nodularity, and usually occurs in both breasts.

Nodule - A small, solid mass.

Noncyclic Pain - Breast pain which does not change with the monthly hormonal cycle.

Normal Nodularity - The normal feeling of lumpiness--with no firm, obvious, single, hard lump; caused by influence of female hormones on breast tissue. Lumpiness will vary according to the monthly hormonal cycle and be most noticeable before a menstrual period.

Nuclear pleomorphism - More than one form of nuclei in various cells.

Nuiliparous - Never having given birth to a child.