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Sexual intercourse technique

Probably the most effective technique is that of the teasing approach of light touch moving at random from the breasts to the abdomen to the thighs to the labia to the thighs and back to the abdomen and breasts without concentrating specifically on pelvic manipulation early in the stimulative episode.

Particularly should direct approach to the clitoral area be avoided initially in this process. This "exercise" becomes even more effective as a means of female sex-tension increment, when interlaced with sensate-focus, stroking techniques introduced after roundtable discussion.

The male partner must be careful not to inject any personal demand for sexual performance into his female partner's pattern of response.

The husband must not set goals for his wife.

He must not try to force responsivity.

His role is that of accommodation, warmth, understanding, and holding, but he should not be so pacific that his own sexual pleasure is negated for either himself or his partner.

Through total cooperation he allows his wife to drift with sensate pleasure and provides her with sensual stimulation without forcing her to contend with an accompanying sense of goal oriented demand to respond to a forcing form of manipulation.

The cotherapists must make it quite clear to the husband that orgasmic release is not the focus of this sexual interaction.

Manipulation of breast, pelvis, and other body areas varying from the lightest touch to an increase in pressure only at partner direction, should provide the wife with the opportunity to express her sexual responsivity freely, but without any concept of demand for an endpoint (orgasmic) goal. It must be emphasized that the effectiveness of a stimulative session is not lost to the woman simply because the session is terminated without orgasmic experience.

There is a tremendous accrual of sexual facility and interest for any woman when she knows that there will be a repeat opportunity for further sexual expression in the immediate future.

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