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Sexual pleasure

When conceptually she has a penis to play with, usually the woman will do just that. If she will allow the vaginally contained penis to stimulate slowly and feelingly in the same manner she enjoyed sensate pleasure from manual body stroking or the manipulation of her genital organs under her controlled directions, she will find herself overwhelmed with sexual feeling.

As vaginal sensation increases for the woman and confidence in ejaculatory control develops for the man, penile-containment episodes progress in a more confident vein. The teasing technique of mounting, dismounting, and remounting is extremely valuable as a means of female sex-tension increment.

There are several clinical pitfalls to be avoided under careful cotherapist direction as the marital unit is moved from phase to phase of increasing sexual responsivity by day-by-day consideration and direction.

  1. the cooperating male partner must be manipulated to ejaculation with a regularity at least approximating that described during the interrogation periods on day one or two as his concept of ideal ejaculatory frequency.

    This concern for regularity of release of cooperative male partners' sexual tensions is but turn-about application of the principles of sex-tension relief, directed toward regularity of orgasmic release for the cooperative wife of the premature ejaculator.

  2. there must be regularly recurring vacations from physical expression of sexual functioning. At least every fourth day is declared a holiday from physical sexual expression. However, the daily conferences between marital partners and the cotherapists continue at a seven-day-a-week pace.

    Through the two week period during which the distressed marital unit is following the Foundation program. There is so much material that must be presented, evaluated, and restated when the unit's marital relationship is explored in depth that daily conferences are a regular part of the treatment format.

    When the wife's physical progress is obvious, the partners are infinitely more willing to look at their particular contributions or lack of them to the marital relationship. As they improve the climate of the marriage, inevitably they are contributing a vital ingredient to the woman's psychosocial structuring. This structure, in turn, positively influences the accrual of her sexual tensions.

    There is yet another factor of sex-tension increment derived from daily living with the subject by the marital partners. Presuming strategically placed vacations from overt sexual function, there is tremendous tension increment in continuity of sexual expression, if orgasmic or ejaculatory levels of tension are restricted by frequency control.

    Once confidence in the female superior coital position has been established, with the woman enjoying the sensate pleasure of pelvic play with the intravaginally contained penis, the marital unit is directed to convert the female-superior position to a lateral coital position.

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