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Multiple orgasm for men
sexual-dysfunction-treatment MIDLIFE ORGASM FOR MEN

It was mentioned earlier that a matured male will experience a better ejaculation control as compared his younger peers. As a man aged, his orgasm is much more intense, deep and rich. His midlife orgasm is triggered by intense physical and psychological stimulation that may last for about 20 seconds. Do not think that a few second is too little. The effect can be electrifying.

Orgasm Promote Health

Just when you thought it's only "Hugh and Oomph", orgasm for the matured and elder age group actually does well for health. You will be surprise that orgasm promote conditioning on the cardiovascular, glowing skin, tone up the body generally. In addition, orgasm will trigger the release of chemical in the brain that could relieve headache and some minor pain or ache. An intense orgasm is a whole body event even your fingers and toes could feel it; do you realize you clutches your fist and locked your toes, and some parts of your body were some what intensified when you "cum"?

How men can Achieve Multiple Orgasm

Did you also know that orgasm at midlife can be extended and multiple? During midlife, the refractory period maybe 24 hours while the older men takes a few days. You will be thinking; if this is so, how are there multiple orgasm possible?

The refractory period is the time following ejaculation before a man can have another erection, does increase with age. In young and virile men, the refractory period is about 24 hours but for older male, it can last days in a man who is in his seventies or older. By midlife, the refractory period may be as long as 24 hours. How are multiple orgasms possible under these circumstances?

According to clinical researches, male orgasm and ejaculation is the same thing. Multiple orgasms are rare in men. But in Eastern belief, male orgasm, like female, is a psycho-sexual event that typically includes ejaculation, but not always. In other words, orgasm, the pleasurable sensations of the rhythmic contractions and ejaculation, and the release of semen are separate events. To this view of male sexuality, men can say that experience multiple orgasms and are far more likely to do so at midlife when they have greater control of the ejaculatory process and are able to differentiate between orgasm and ejaculation.

Doctor from the Institute for Advanced Study of Sexuality in San Francisco, often credited the concept of male multiple orgasms through his workshops and the national media attention they garnered. They discovered a man has his own multiple orgasm capability at midlife and quite by accident. They have accidentally discovered the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. When one of their doctors had a vasectomy, ha has to ejaculate himself for sperm count test. Discovered, after 15 minutes of "the most unsensation masturbation" of his life, he produced the required sample. As he was walking back to his station, he thought to himself, that was a non orgasmic ejaculation. This led him to the study the Eastern erotic arts. The following techniques were tried and adapted from those exotic sources.

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