Generic Terms Nonspecific Vaginitis and Vulvitis

Nonspecific Vaginitis and Vulvitis

There are many other organisms that can attack the area. They come under the generic terms nonspecific vaginitis and vulvitis. Nonspecific refers to conditions in which the cause is uncertain. They may be due to sexual infection, or they may not. The symptoms are often the same as for yeast and trich, with a profuse, foul-smelling discharge, intense itching, soreness, and in some cases, severe pain. Again, like yeast and trich, none of these attacks seem to affect the cervix. Yet they can cause real misery, and greatly reduce the quality of life.

Have a test for diabetes or a prediabetes condition first. Check diet and general health; try to boost the immune system by getting more rest, more profound sleep. Many women are run down and exhausted without realizing how deeply tired they are. Once yeast and trich are ruled out, a course of antibiotics may be the answer, though yeast overgrowth may then have to be treated. If attacks of vaginitis or vulvitis do recur, be extra scrupulous with genital hygiene. Keep the entire area cool and dry.

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