Menopause Natural Remedy

Menopause Natural Remedy

Menopause Natural Remedy

Herbs are sold in different forms: unprocessed (the raw herb), in capsules or tablets, standardized (meaning that the herb has been processed to some degree to ensure that each capsule has exactly the same strength), in freeze-dried granular form, in liquid alcohol (called a tincture), or in glycerin extracts.

Raw herbs may be hard to digest, so if you have digestive problems such as an ulcer, you should avoid taking them. Some people prefer herbs in tincture form (in alcohol), while others want to avoid alcohol or find that it irritates the stomach. Herbs in glycerin are very easy on the system but are usually much weaker than alcohol extracts.

Chinese herbs are traditionally cooked for specific periods of time and in specific ways. You should consult a Chinese medical herbal specialist to learn how to prepare Chinese herbal formulas. Chinese herbs are also available in tablet form and in freeze-dried granular form.

There are specific combinations of Chinese herbs designed for women with different menopausal symptoms that have been tried and tested over centuries. In Europe, many herbs are traditionally taken as teas. The herbs are steeped in water that has just boiled, for ten to twenty minutes, then strained for drinking. This is a good method for taking some of the more aromatic herbs recommended for menopause, such as sage, vervain, and damiana.

You can buy loose herbs for making teas from your local health food store, a web-based shop, or from mail-order catalogs specializing in herbs for women. Health-food and other stores now sell herbal teas containing combinations of herbs specifically for menopause.

Herbs for menopausal

Can be used individually or in various combinations. There are traditional ways of combining herbs that have been used for centuries, such as the Chinese tradition of using licorice with other herbs because licorice helps the other herbs in the combination be absorbed by the body. If you buy a combination of herbs designed for menopause, make sure it does not contain any herbs that are not good for your menopause type, for example of vitex if you have low testosterone.

As you can see, herbal remedies have a wide range of applications for women of menopausal age. They can be used for the treatment of common menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings. Their greatest benefit is their ability to enhance the function of tissues that are fatigued, weakened, or debilitated from the effects of time, stress, and diminished hormone levels.

Herbs can be used to revitalize the adrenal glands and ovaries. Additionally, they can be used to enhance the function of the nervous system to relieve stress and preserve or improve memory and learning.

Herbal remedies can be used alone or in combination with other herbs. Sometimes they also can be used in conjunction with hormone replacement therapy. As herbs work by restoring normal function, balance, and vitality to tissues, all you need to take them for a period of time to allow them to be effective. It’s best to take herbs with a specific purpose or goal in mind. Once the goal is obtained, it is often possible to lower the amount of herb and still maintain the benefit.

Thousands of herbs are used by various cultures throughout the world. And as herbal research continues, new herbs and new benefits are sure to be discovered. These healing and nurturing plants are great gifts to all people, and of great benefit to most women.

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