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What is Miri? What are its main ingredients?

Miri is an all-natural plant based breast enhancement product. Its main ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica is rich in natural plant nutrients and estrogen.

Is it safe to use Miri breast enhancement product?

Our product is 100% natural and safe.

There are no injections, no pumps, and no breast massaging devices. With Miri breast product, you only need to apply the product onto your breast and gently massage, in order to achieve a fuller breast. Along with oral intake of Miri breast supplements, the results will even be better.

There is absolutely no surgery involved, so there are neither pain nor scar marks to bear.

Miri products are scientifically proven to be effective. And since Miri is herbaceous, it does not require approval from the FDA or the health board of several countries. Miri was sold to customers from America, Europe, Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Miri is clinically tested in several laboratories worldwide to be safe for use.

You can be ensured of product quality and standard because our Pueraria Mirifica is self-farmed and GMP manufactured.

How long does it take for me to see the effect?

Measure yourself before using Miri products and do that again in a few weeks’ time. Most women feel the gradual change in the firmness of the breast in around 2 weeks.

If used daily with gentle massages, you can feel the bounce (grope breasts) and fullness coming around the 3rd week. Our tailored packages for different enhancements will assist you to maximize size gain in the breast successfully.

Some women can achieve enlarged breasts in a shorter period of time (effect vary from person to person; age, health, lifestyle habits, metabolism, and absorption), while ‘slow bloomers’ may take a little longer. Breast exercise and proper diet will help in the development of your breast.

As you know Miri breast products are plant-based, therefore we do not deliver results like the fairy godmother. It takes time for your body to accept and respond.

Is it suitable for all women?

Miri works perfectly for women above 18 or has completed her puberty growth, but has small and underdeveloped breasts. It also increases estrogen level and vaginal secretion, improves breast firmness, and regain skin luster for menopause women.

Is Miri not suitable for anyone?

Women taking birth control pills, who are pregnant or planning for babies should avoid using Miri products. If currently breastfeeding or diagnosed with medical conditions of the breast or link to the breast are NOT recommended to use.

Menopausal women taking HRT may use this herbal supplement as an alternative or replacement remedy to the prescribed medication.

Will my results remain permanent?

Our products are formulated to help and achieve lasting breast enhancement results. Once you have achieved your desired results, you may want to take a break. Your result will remain. Thereafter you just need to do some maintenance (use once or twice weekly), but if you stop completely, the nourishment in the breast and body will eventually dissolve and erode away. Hence, you may have to restart the whole enhancement process again. It is advisable to frequently maintain the breasts in good condition (you may use the product once or a few time in a week instead of daily).

Can you tell me why Miri, herbal breast enhancer, is effective?

Our massive and continuous research on Pueraria Mirifica, found to have high nutritional contents (isoflavone and phytoestrogen), is beneficial to the female body, breast, and its growth.

We use an extract from matured cultivars in our breast product development and with our R&D commitment, we put together a successful breast enhancement.

Here, you can find our range of breast enhancing capsules; Beauty Revital, Feminine Essence, Breast Cream.

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Customer Enquires:

Vine (Singapore) - 15 Feb 2008



I would like to clarify:

1) How is the product packed when you deliver to our house via Singpost?  You place the product in a parcel box?  Would the receiver be able to see the product?  I am concerned about privacy.

2) For breast enlargement, do you recommend cream or serum?  I would like to start with one product first.




1) Item is sent by mail via Singpost. We packed in brown envelope (standard Singpost envelope) and no one can see what’s inside. We do not describe the item on the package as well.

2) For a start, we recommend serum+cream+supplement. You may use the serum in morning and cream at night, and take supplement as instructed.

Vine (Singapore) - 17 Feb 2008


Hi, I have the following queries.
1) Am I able to get your products at any retail store in Singpapore?
2) If I interested in breast enlargement, which products would you recommend? I only wish to start with 1 or 2 products.
3) Where is the product manufacture?


Hi ,

Please find reply below.

1. Local customer can purchase online (we mail to you by SingPost), email order and self collect at our office (Mon-Fri 9.30am to 5pm) at Toh Guan Rd East. Saturday collection, call to arrange.

2. For better result, we usually recommend at least 2. But also up to customer’s budget. If you a new customer but don’t know if it work for you or not, you may buy 1 to try.

3. Product is manufactured in Thailand where its ingredient is a genuine Thai herb. The herb is known (soy base) for its breast and female enhancement in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, USA and EU countries.

You may call us during office hours if you have enquiries, tel 6562-5526.

Vine (Singapore) - 19 Feb 2008



Thanks for your prompt reply.

For SingPost, I need to be at home to receive the delivery physically?

For email order, which are the modes of payment acceptable?

Regards Vine


Hi Vine,

If there’s someone at home to accept the mail, it will be good.

In case, NO ONE is at home, the postman will leave a note to you, advise you to collect at the nearest post office.

You can email us your order items and date of collection. Payment in cash. Once, we got your email, we will revert to you the price in S’pore dollars.

PH (Korea) - 20 Mar 2008


Dear sir..

I want to buy serum or spray.. i’m troubling in my small breast size. which product can you recommand to me in serum or spray? In serum or spray, which one has more pueraria extract and more excellent result?

last.. if you send your product abroad, is there any shipping charge? i will wait your reply ASAP. and i want to purchase product ASAP.

please reply to my e-mail

best regards,



Spray contains only pueraria while serum has other botanical extract to enhance the bust. Spray absorb faster and no need to massage. Serum need 1-3 minutes massage during application.

Both products are recommendable.

Hui (Singapore) - 24 Mar 2008


Hi, I’m interested to purchase the serum. May I know the price? Do you provide delivery on Saturday?

Best regards Hee



We do not offer home delivery now cos most customer go online. Alternatively, you can pick up the item at our office in Toh Guan Rd East (near imm).

You can buy online and we will send by post to your address. We do not describe item name on the mail. Basically, only your name and address, our name in short TBNPL and address that’ s all is written.

You may check the exchange rates with your credit card bank (online) to estimate the price in SGD.

Kwee (Singapore) - 28 Mar 2008


In respond to your 2 ways of arrangement we can either pay thru ATM or collect your products by cash at your designated outlet (approved distributor) but not thru post office.

It is difficult to deliver to home and office as we are not in the office most of the time.



You can come to our office to collect and pay by cash. We don’t sell in shops.

Office address: No. 41 Toh Guan Rd East, #07-05 ADL Building (industry behind IMM)
Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am to 5.30pm , Sat 9.30am to 1pm (pls call if you coming on Saturdays)

Nee (Singapore) - 28 Mar 2008



May I know what the price for Puerarian Breast Serum & Capsules? Also if you have free door-to-door delivery?

Rgds Nee



Please view prices at our website (do checkout promotion items).

We stop door to door service as majority is online purchase. You can buy online, pay by visa (our bank will convert price to SGD) and we sent by mail to you. it takes 2-3 biz days to reach you. We do not describe item name on the package so it looks like a normal mail.

OR you may email your order to us and self pick up at our office in Toh Guan Rd East, pay by cash only. Let us know so we can convert to SGD.

ES (Australia) - 6 Apr 2008


I have just stopped breast feeding and can I start using your product immediately. In fact i have purchased your breast serum & mask and has been using for 1 month. However, I noticed some yellowish fluid from my breast when I tried squeezing my breasts. Should I stop using your product immediately and how soon can i start using them again.

Best regards



First of all, please STOP using the product. If you just stop (breast feed) but still having milk flowing, the milk will not stop because you are massaging the breasts, hence stimulating the milk glands.

Breast products are recommended if the breast is not producing milk anymore.

Eri (Malaysia) - 7 Apr 2008


I am interested in your premium package b. I was wondering does only 1 package make the full cup results or does it take a couple of orders?



It take 3 onwards to see size increment. 1 package usually last 2-3mths. Also depend how regular & how much the user used the products. Results vary from person to person.

Danu (U.K) - 8 Apr 2008


how many women in % responds positively on breast enhancement treatment? Does a sickness as endometriosis influate on it?


Dear customer,

Sorry for delay reply.

About 80+% receive positive results. As for health conditions, taking medication if  may make the breasts smaller, you’ve to consult your doctor.

Ciss (Singapore) - 12 Apr 2008


I would like to enquire on some products but i hope that u can quote the singapore list price in S$ rather than ur site price in US$. And once i place my order how fast is delivery thank you.



Thank you for your interest.

The conversion rates (USD to SGD) will be determine by your credit card bank. But we can help you estimate. You can take USD1 / SGD 1.39 +/-.
Or better you refer to the rates with your bank via online. Local mailing it take 2-3 working days to reach you.

Ho (Malaysia) - 14 Apr 2008


Is there a misunderstanding?  I have not agreed on the following order.  Could you enlighten me on the duration for normal delivery?


Hi ,

Once a customer placed order and fill-in their details, they will receive their order summary instantly. this email will enable customer to track the order status.

Now, if there’s no payment made, we will treat it as unsuccessful.

If you wish to continue purchase, we can forward a payment request through paypal for you to make payment.

To M’sia, it takes about 5-7days. Our local post usually take 1 day for overseas items to be out of S’pore. once it reaches your country, how fast will depend on your local post.

Eri (Malaysia) - 25 Apr 2008


Dear Sir,

I would like to make inquiry for some of your products. May I know do you have any outlet that is selling your products in Malaysia? Please advice.

Thank you.

Best regards



We do not have retail shop in M’sia. We are S’pore agent and stocks are in our warehouse. You can buy online with us, pay by credit card 9yr bank will convert rates for you), and we mail to you.

If you do not have credit card, don’t worry, M’sia customers can pay in RM to our Maybank M’sia a/c.

We convert US to RM on average consumer’s rate (what your credit card bank charges you).

K (Canada) - 26 Apr 2008


Do you have a customer service number? If a person was to purchase the maximizer package and gained significant enhancement, what other package do you recommend to maintain the results? How long does it take to ship to Canada? Is the package discreetly packaged? This is my second inquiry, await your reply.


Hi K,

You can call us during office hours 9.30am to 6pm (at Singapore Time). If time differ, we service via email.

Results will vary from user to user. If the product works well on you, to see increment on cup size 3mths onwards. Buts lifting around 3 weeks. You may consider using our recommended promo packages like PM3001, PM3002, PM3006; these sets consists of the supplement. Price from US$99. If you just want to maintain your size but make it look better and firmer, you can try 1 bottle of serum for a start.

To Canada, estimate 7-12days (we mail by Registered for normal mailing). For us here, once we got your successful transaction, we will send for mailing on the same day/next day. Our local post, we dispatch the mail out of S’pore on the same day or next. Once, it reached Canada, how fast will depend on your local post. We can just roughly estimate.

We packed in brown envelope. You will see your name & address, our sales name & address That’s all ! We do not describe the products related to the word bust/breast. For declaration, we write as beauty products/accessory/cosmetic..(no breast/bust names)

Ani (USA) - 7 May 2008


can we pay by postal order money?



We accept credit / debit card, master, amex, diners. Bank transfer if you are a local customer or Malaysian customer.

Lo (Shanghai) - 13 May 2008


I have very small breasts. Usually wearing a B cup, however I think this size is too small for me. What would you recommend to increase 1-2 cup sizes fast?



If the product work well on you and you receive results (usually 2-3 weeks for lifting & firming, 3-4 moths for increment of cup size example A-B).

Results vary from perosn to person ( no 100% it work). But we hope you understand that it don’t promise overnight success either. Increasing by a few cm is achievable, approx 2 to 3 months continuous of using and also depend if you are using 1 or more products. Some need longer time. However, there are some users that do not achieve enlarging effect. The result they get is firmer breast, less saggy , regain bounce and better breast skin. Lifting and Firming can be seen and felt in 2-3 weeks!

Serum & cream both have enhancing and enlarging effects but both are different in base and ingredient.

Usually, recommend use application and supplement.