Sex After Menopause

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The myth of menopause: Once a woman hit menopause, sex is over

The truth is menopause may mean the end of the period, but it doesn’t the end of sex.

The fact is many women experience greater desire and pleasure than pregnancy worries are passed. Although having satisfactory sex life can be difficult because of vaginal changes and emotional swings. In most respects, women can enjoy a long and satisfying sex life as long as good health prevails. You deserve this if you want it, but may need to help your health care professionals recognize that you intend to be a sexy and sexually active aging woman and find out what they can provide that will help you achieve that. You may also need to retrain your sex life.

Erotic pleasures are extremely personal and can add some spice to your life. We’re never too old for sexual stimulation, whether that is listening to luscious, soulfully sexy music, writing and reading erotic poetry and literature, looking at sexy pictures or videos.

Fantasies of your own devising can be immensely enriching, as long as they are not hurtful of yourself, your partner, or your own sense of propriety and respect. And not all sexuality is specifically erotic.

For example, when we extend our concept of sexuality to include sensuality, we see that there are a great many activities that can pleasure us. Water and warm sun are great sources of sensuality. Massages by a lover, a friend, or a sensitive massage professional can help us feel very luxuriant and calmed. Probably the best non-human providers of sensuality are the pets who love us.

Research shows that those with pets live longer than those without them and that blood pressure goes down while people stroke or groom their pets. So keep in touch with your sexuality and sensuality. You’ll feel the better for it psychologically and those raging endorphins released when we feel sexy and loving are good for the immune system, too! For a refreshing take on health and sensuality, read to find out on how to of enjoying life to its fullest.

The most pleasurable and natural way to deal with vaginal dryness that makes intercourse painful is to set aside time for extended foreplay that you may need to stimulate your own natural lubrication.

If that’s still insufficient, you may also use one of the lubricating products specially made for sexual activity, such as K-Y Jelly. It is water-soluble, and unlike non-water-soluble creams and lotions or petroleum jelly, it will not increase susceptibility to infection or interfere with birth control or condoms.

A product called Replens, available in drugstores without a prescription, is specially formulated to plump up your vaginal cells with water, which aids in lubrication and keeps your tissues healthy whether you have sex or not. It also helps restore alkalinity to your vagina, which helps prevent some vaginal infections. Adult “sex shops” may have a greater selection of lubricants. Women have found the following specific natural therapies to be particularly helpful for minimizing vaginal thinning and dryness.

The shape of your vagina may change

After menopause, shorter, narrower, but still able to accommodate sexual activity. Your clitoris may become more sensitive and require extra lubrication to enjoy being stroked. Usually, women experience less blood flow to the geni¬tals as they age, and this may noticeably blunt the sharp edge of arousal.

Breast size

No longer increases with arousal, but this shouldn’t dampen their sensitivity. These naturally occurring changes needn’t hurt your sex life if you and your partner are open with each other about the way your body is feeling and both of you are willing to experiment until you are mutu¬ally satisfied. If you feel inhibited about doing these things because you were raised in a sexually conservative atmosphere.


Dryness and thinning out of the vaginal walls can cause small tears in the tissue during intercourse. This makes more possible the entry of viruses and bacteria. Remember to practice safe sex with your partner if you are still having your periods.

Vaginal atrophy

Can be made worse if you’re out of shape and have sluggish circulation. Regular exercise pumps up and improves circulation all over your body, including your pelvic area. Some women report that doing pelvic exercises improves their vaginal tone; Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles surrounding your vagina and may help incontinence and make intercourse more comfortable at this time of your life. And remember, this is a case of “use it or lose it.”

Research suggests that regular sexual activity either with a partner or by self-pleasuring example masturbation helps keep the vagina toned and lubricated. This may be due to estrogen produced by the adrenal glands as well as the increased blood flow and toning effect of muscle contractions before and after arousal and orgasm.

Avoid medications such as antihistamines, which dry out the delicate mucous tissue all over your body, not just in your nose and sinuses. Correct hormone deficiencies to resemble normal premenopausal levels can make a wonderful difference in your physical and emotional sexual well-be¬ing.

Kegel Exercise

The advantages of Kegel exercises are; it can increase blood flow to the genital area, giving better support to our sexual arousal mechanisms. This exercise tone and strengthen the muscles around the pelvic area and vaginal walls. In addition, kegel exercise could prevent incontinence due to aging or childbirth.

This exercise is named after Dr. KEGEL. Kegel exercise was the in practice since 1948. Till to date, gynecologists, urologists,s and general practitioners are encouraging women to practice kegel exercise. Women can benefit in controlling urination, toning of vaginal muscles, strengthening sexual function, and enhance sexual pleasure (orgasm) thus making climax intense.

Locate your “KEGEL POINT”

Before starting the exercise, you need to find out where is the muscles are. First, sit on the toilet and stream your urine. In the middle of streaming, pause and start the streaming several times. You will notice your muscles squeezing or contracting. This experience is your kegel point. These contractions give you the opportunity to locate the muscle.

During urination, start by giving your muscles a tight squeeze, hold for a count of 10 and slowly release your contraction (urine). If no discomfort, repeat this several times. Or you may practice with a faster momentum with some music or follow the rhythm of your heartbeat. You may do kegel exercise twice a day, 5 minutes each time, or whenever you visit the toilet.

You will notice your vaginal is toner around 6 to 12 weeks and remember this exercise is also beneficial for our bladder, thus it can be continued for as long as you want.

Once you have mastered it, this simple exercise can be practice almost everywhere, even when you are driving! Furthermore, this exercise will give you magnificent help in your lovemaking.

Menopause Orgasm

How does sensual excitement originate in a woman? First, there is a mental impression leading to an emotional libido, which in turn is conveyed to the sexual apparatus. These organs become congested with blood, causing a swelling of the clitoris, which thereby become extremely sensitive to touch and friction.

The Bartholin’s glands secrete their typical lubricant fluid in order to facilitate the ingress of the male member into the vagina. At the same time, the entrance of the vagina relaxes in order not to impede the entry of the member. The erect clitoris converts every fresh contact with the member into voluptuous sensations. After the entry of the member, the entrance of the vagina may tighten owing to the contraction of the vaginal muscles.

This contraction may be rendered so complete by the bulbs cavernosal or cavernous cells, which are located to the right and left of the vagina, and are at this stage filled with blood that the penis cannot enter.

The voluptuous sensation, which is mainly concentrated in the clitoris, may spread to the entrance of the vagina, the body of the vagina, and even to the neck of the uterus if this is reached by the male sex organ. With the intensification of excitement, the activity of the glands is also speeded up.

At a certain stage consciousness of the external world gradually fades, brain activity being eliminated as a result of the intense excitement, until orgasm, the peak of this voluptuous sensation, occurs. At this moment there is a convulsive contraction of all the glands and muscles of the female genital apparatus. A viscous substance reaches out, so to speak, from the uterus, as though to suck the semen into the uterus. If the man ejaculates simultaneously with the orgasm of the woman, this coincidence represents the ultimate perfection of the sexual act.

During an intense orgasm in a woman, there are rhythmic contractions of the entrance of the vagina and certain muscles in the region of the clitoris, of the urinary meatus, the sphincter ani (or contracting muscle of the anus), and the muscles of the opening of the uterus. All these muscles contract and relax repeatedly, the rhythm of the movement being sometimes rapid and sometimes slow. The movements are the same involuntary convulsive movements of contraction and relaxation as occur in the muscles of the male ejaculation.

In a particularly intense orgasm, these four rhythmic movements take place simultaneously. They may be so strong that they can be felt with absolute distinctness. For instance, the contractions of the opening of the uterus may be accompanied by a contraction of the entire uterus, which the woman may feel in the form of a light, wavy movement that goes over to the abdomen.

Even the nipples of the breasts may be affected. Conversely, the nipples may contribute very considerably to the production of orgasm. The involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles may be so powerful that the male member, which at the moment of the woman’s orgasm is in the vagina or in the opening of the vagina, may be firmly seized and to a certain extent drawn inwards.

During the movements of the male member, which serve to bring about ejaculation, the vaginal muscles by their contractions intensify its excitation in a manner pleasurable to both parties.

A change of position during the sexual act, particularly if it is being tried for the first time, may not only facilitate the attainment of orgasm as such, but it may also give the partners the sensation that their sexual experience has never been so perfect. On the other hand, in certain positions, though the man may attain ejaculation and the woman her orgasm.

Most women get an orgasm more easily through stimulation of the clitoris, breast, nipples, even the ears than from penile penetration.

Love and Affection

Hugging and kissing in turn intensify the sexual excitation of the woman, so that she actively reciprocates these manifestations of affection, until her partner proceeds to increasingly more definite and decisive sexual actions. And if there are no obstacles, such as anxiety or embarrassment, and fear of infection, this love-play culminates in the sexual act itself. In the course of the sexual act, through contact between the highly sensitive sexual organs, sexual excitement rises rapidly to its peak, and when the woman has experienced the sensation of orgasm, which lasts some little time, her excitement gradually abates, and there follows that happy feeling of relief.

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